Toner Cartridges And Office Carpets: 3 Cleaning Tips

Printer manufacturers work hard to make it as easy as possible to change the toner cartridge in office printers, but spilled ink powder can still ruin your office carpet. Powdered ink is supposed to leave a permanent image on a sheet of paper, so it should come as no surprise that excess powder can ruin an otherwise clean carpet. If somebody in the office spills powdered ink on your carpet, use the following tips to make sure the damage is only temporary.

Carefully remove loose ink

If you apply pressure to the powdered ink, you may simply grind the stain into the carpet pile, after which it may never come out. As such, you need to carefully remove the excess powder.

You can often carefully scoop up the powder with a spoon or a folded sheet of paper, but a vacuum cleaner is probably the most efficient way to tackle the problem. Remove the cleaner's roller brush, and carefully hold the nozzle over the ink without pressing against the powder. If you have a bagless cleaner, empty the contents carefully in a refuse bin and clean the chamber immediately, or you may release some ink when you next use the cleaner. If your vacuum cleaner uses a bag, take it out and dispose of it immediately.

Avoid water

Water or water-based cleaning liquids will normally only make an ink stain worse. The water will dilute the ink powder and spread it over a wider area. As such, you should only use a dry cleaning solvent to tackle a powdered ink stain.

Dry cleaning solvents often create fumes that are unsuitable for a crowded office, so avoid using these cleaners during working hours. Follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully. As a general rule, you should use these cleaners sparingly –a little will normally go a long way. Make sure you use a clean cloth, or you may transfer dirt from the cloth to the carpet.

Spare the elbow power

You can only remove some stains by scrubbing the affected surface vigorously. This strategy won't normally work with powdered ink stains. Elbow power will simply grind the powder deeper into the pile, so this is one instance when a slow, careful approach will yield the best results. Unfortunately, you will also need patience. You may need to repeat applications with your cleaning product several times.

Powdered ink from printer cartridges can leave stubborn, unsightly stains on an office carpet. Talk to a professional cleaning company to learn more.