House Moving | 4 Preparation Strategies To Avoid Any Confusion When The Removalists Arrive

Moving homes is both exciting and scary because you have a whole new experience ahead of you. While packing can be stressful, certain strategies will help you better prepare for the big move. This guide equips you with smart preparation strategies to avoid any confusion when the removalists arrive.

Leave Your Kids With Your Friends, Family Or Neighbours

When the removalists arrive, you will probably need to give them a host of instructions for taking your boxes to your new home. You'll also want to make sure they are aware of fragile items for maximum safety. Kids running about can make it difficult to navigate and provide instructions for each box-filled room. Apart from the stress of noisy kids, they may also fall and get hurt when your attention is diverted towards the removalists. To avoid the confusion that comes with all this, it's best to leave your kids with friends, family or neighbours until everything is sorted.

Inform Removalists About Where To Put Items

If you're not accompanying the removalists to your new home for the time being, then be sure to present your new home layout to them and label all your boxes based on each specific room. This will help the removalists store the boxes inside their assigned rooms, making it easier for you to unpack when you arrive in your new home. Mark any fragile boxes clearly so that your removalists take extra care when handling them.

Disassemble All Big Items

Many removalists charge hourly rates for their services, so the time they spend disassembling your big items at home may end up costing you several dollars. To save a few bucks, disassemble all your large furniture items and appliances on your own. A simple screwdriver is enough to dismantle large dining tables, chairs, beds and drawer chests. You can then pack them in boxes on your own or wait for the removalists to finish the packing job, which takes up significantly less time than disassembly.

Apply Thick Masking Tape To All Doors In Your Old And New Home

When moving items from the old to the new home, there's always a chance that large items can damage door corners when they are transported through them. Thick masking tape is ideal for applying to all door corners to prevent accidents and mishaps from costing you a fortune in repairs. Thick masking tape is easily available at a home improvement store, so be sure to apply it before the removalists arrive.

Follow these smart preparation strategies to avoid any confusion throughout the move.