Property Investment | 3 Tips To Make Your Beachfront Property Attractive For Short-Term Vacationers

Choosing to buy a beachfront property comes with many advantages. You get to enjoy the coastline when you're on holiday and you can lease it out for the time you're not using it. A beachfront property investment is a good way for you to earn some extra rental income when you lease it to tenants for the short-term, so follow these tips to make your holiday apartment attractive to tenants.  

Choose An Apartment With Easy Beach Access And Attractive Facilities

When making a property investment along the beachfront, you need to consider how easily you can access the beach. There's no point in buying a property that faces the beach but is a long walk away because short-term vacationers want easy beach access. They are more likely to lease properties that either flank the beach or are mere footsteps away. Apart from beach access, you'll want to choose an apartment with attractive facilities like swimming pools, playgrounds, pet parks, trails and patios to make your property investment more appealing to a larger pool of short-term vacationers.

Offer Comfortable Amenities

Short-term vacationers are unlikely to carry many things, apart from their clothes and travel essentials, so to make your property attractive to them, you must equip your home with a range of comfortable amenities. For example, cooktops, microwaves, ovens and refrigerators are basic essentials necessary for the rental apartment, while dishwashers, televisions, air conditioning and coffee makers are appealing add-ons if you have the budget to spare. The more amenities you add, the more short-term rent you may be able to command for your property investment.

Equip Your Apartment To Resonate With Your Target Demographic

Beachfront properties for the short-term are in great demand for families and couples, so you need to establish the right demographic for your home. For example, if families with kids are your top priority, then your rental apartment should ideally be equipped with some toys, DVDs, board games, books and other child-friendly features. If you want to promote yourself to couples on their honeymoon, then you'll want to equip your apartment with fluffed bathrobes, bath salts, music systems, docks and candlelight dining areas. Once you have established your target demographic, you will be able to outfit specific features into your apartment and you will be able to market yourself more appropriately to them.  

Follow these tips to make your beachfront property investment attractive to short-term vacationers.