Selecting the Right Residential Security Window Screen

Security in your residential premises is an important element that you should evaluate and review periodically. This will help you ensure that your family and assets are safe from unscrupulous intruders such as robbers and burglars. One of the vulnerable features in the home with regard to security is the window. These are favoured during break-ins because the main structure consists of glass, which is fairly easy to bypass. Therefore, you should consider installing security window screens on your windows. These products are similar to flyscreens in terms of design, but they are more resilient and will resist damage from impact. Here are the factors that you must examine before selecting the right security window screen for your home.

Mesh Material

An ideal security screen should have sturdy mesh that will withstand adverse force. This aspect will ensure that the intruder is delayed, if not deterred completely by the measure. Therefore, you should assess different materials that are utilised in fabricating the mesh in the potential residential security screens. The most common and suitable options in the modern market are steel and aluminium. Steel mesh is perfect because the material is strong and does not deform under pressure.

Additionally, this is a durable choice that will limit the need for frequent replacement. On the other hand, steel is vulnerable to moisture and saline air, so it will rust when exposed to harsh climates. If this is your primary concern, choose high-quality galvanised mesh or the more expensive stainless steel. Standard aluminium mesh is lightweight and flimsy, so you should request for structural grade mesh. This material is resistant to corrosion and relatively inexpensive.

Attachment Method

You should inquire about the method utilised in attaching the mesh to the security screen framing. This will determine the practical functionality of the new feature. In simple terms, if the mesh is strong but can easily be pried away from the supporting frame, it will not significantly increase security. The mesh can be welded to the frame for a permanent and impenetrable connection. Hooks or screw clamps can also be installed from inside to hold the mesh in place. These are suitable because you can remove the mesh for maintenance or replacement.

Framing Material

Finally, choose a strong security window screen frame that will resist breakage and distortion. Naturally, steel is the best choice because of its high compressive and general tensile strength. However, you should also inquire about aluminium and even wooden alternatives that are suited for structural applications from your security screen manufacturer or supplier.

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