Home Hacks Your Home Builder Can Implement in Your Home Plans

Home and life hacks are ideas that appeal to a wide range of people, especially home owners. If you are hiring new home builders to help with your dream home plans then you may be wondering what hacks can be added to your blueprints. Here are a few home hacks that your home builder can implement for you.

Pull-Out Pot and Pan Rack       

If you cook then you know how annoying it can be to have pots and pans stacked on one another under a cabinet. If you need a large pan or pot, you have to move the smaller ones first. You may have tried organization tools like pot and pan racks, but they can sometimes be equally as frustrating. Instead, have your new home builders put in a pull-out rack. The pots and pans hang on their own hook, and when the drawer is pulled out, you can easily grab the ones you need without causing an avalanche of pans.

USB Electrical Outlets

Nearly all personal electronics run on some form of USB charging device. Instead of having several items plugged into your electrical outlets so you can charge your many USB to electric power adapters, consider having a direct USB plug placed in your existing electrical outlets. This allows you to avoid overusing one outlet or overloading it and still gives you the opportunity to charge your devices easily.

Pet Shower

If you are a pet parent, then you likely bath your pets at home. This means bathing them in your tub or shower and dealing with the mess afterwards. Instead of using your own personal bath, consider having a pet shower installed. These showers are equipped with special drainage options that catch the pet hair as well as holding easy to use and extendable shower heads for ease of rinsing your pets.

Trash Chutes

There aren't many people that like having a trash can or compost can in their kitchen area, but in order to collect the garbage from the day you know it's a necessary evil. The truth is, you can have a new home builder add trash chutes into your kitchen that lead to compost bins and trash cans outside of the home. This allows you to collect the trash without causing a stinky mess in the kitchen. It's also ideal if you have pets or toddlers that like to explore the trashcan.

These are just a few of the ideas you can have your new home builders implement into your home. For more ideas or ways to make your life easier, consider discussing options with your home builder and find out what they think is trending.