3 Reasons Why Serviced Apartments Are Good For Families With Autistic Children

Faced with a choice of hotels, guest houses and serviced apartments, it's often difficult to decide where to stay for a family holiday when you have an autistic child. Kids with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can find it hard to cope with many elements of a regular family holiday, so it's important t find places to stay that suit everyone's needs. If you've never thought about a serviced apartment for your next family holiday, find out why this type of accommodation can help families like yours.

Offers you more personal space

Kids with ASD show a variety of symptoms, but change is often stressful. Unfortunately, hotel rooms are often quite small, which can add to an autistic child's stress. In many cases, your son or daughter simply won't have room for some of the daily routines that normally help him or her relax.

A serviced apartment gives parents more space to help autistic children cope. An apartment will offer the same sort of accommodation your child sees at home, including a separate bathroom and his or her own bedroom. With your child's favourite toys, books and accessories, you can quickly personalise the space to ease some of the stress of staying away from home.

Creates fewer interruptions and distractions

While many people enjoy the luxury of room service and daily cleaning visits, parents with autistic children can find constant interruptions disruptive. For example, it's often harder to help an autistic child settle when you know somebody will come to clean the room at some point every day. A large, noisy hotel can also bombard an autistic child's senses, making it hard to adjust to the new experience.

With a serviced apartment, you won't need to deal with so many interruptions and experiences. In fact, the only visit you need to plan for is your scheduled weekly clean, and the management team can normally confirm a time for this work with you. As such, a serviced apartment will feel more like home, which, in turn, is less disruptive for somebody with ASD.

Helps you manage your child's diet

Many parents like to keep autistic children on strict diets. Studies show that diets rich in vitamins and nutrients can improve some symptoms of ASD, but it's often difficult to control what an autistic child eats in a restaurant.

A serviced apartment gives you more control because you can prepare your own food. Even if you decide to eat out from time to time, you can still keep your child's favourite snacks and drinks in the kitchen of your apartment.

Serviced apartments are not just for business travellers. If you're planning a holiday with an autistic child, consider the benefits this type of accommodation can offer.